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Servo Motor

Servo motors can control speed with very accurate positional accuracy, and can convert voltage signals into torque and rotational speed to drive the controlled object. The servo motor can convert the received electrical signal into an angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. Servo motors and stepper motors have significant differences in control accuracy, low-frequency characteristics, torque frequency characteristics, overload capacity, operating performance, and speed response performance.

We are a servo motor manufacturer, and our servo motors have the advantages of high control accuracy and good stability at low speed operation. Moreover, the servo motor we produce has a certain overload capacity, which can work normally even if the rated torque is exceeded a little. At present, our servo motors are widely used in ATM machines, inkjet printers, engraving machines, cameras, spraying equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments, industrial control systems, and other fields.

Emtech is a servo motor supplier. We have 20 years of experience in producing and selling servo motors. Our servo motors have obtained CE and RoHS certification, and we have five servo motor production lines, producing more than 1 million servo motors per year. We specialize in servo motor sales. Currently, we can provide different types of servo motors, such as 60mm servo motors, 80mm servo motors, 110mm servo motors, 130mm servo motors, etc. The servo motors we produce have a 12-month warranty period, and if customers require, we can also provide samples.

  • 60mm Servo Motor

    60mm Servo Motor

    A 60mm servo motor is a type of electric motor that uses feedback to control its speed and position. 60mm servo motor is typically used in applications where precise control is required, such as robotics, CNC machines, and industrial automation.
  • 80mm Servo Motor

    80mm Servo Motor

    80mm servo motors are available in a variety of ratings, including power, torque, and speed. The power rating is measured in watts and indicates the amount of electrical power that the motor can consume. The torque rating is measured in newton-meters and indicates the amount of force that the motor ...
  • 110mm Servo Motor

    110mm Servo Motor

    110mm servo motors are typically characterized by their size, which is measured in millimeters. The 110mm designation refers to the diameter of the motor's housing. Other common sizes include 42mm, 57mm, and 80mm.
  • 130mm Servo Motor

    130mm Servo Motor

    The 130mm servo motor is a small servo motor with a diameter of 130mm. This type of motor is commonly used in automation equipment, robots, smart homes, and other small applications to control motion and rotation. A servo motor is a high-precision, high torque motor that can be programmed to control...