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What are the differences between servo motors and ordinary motors
 Apr 18, 2023|View:604

A servo motor is a programmable motor with feedback function used to measure and control motor speed, angle, and position. A servo motor is usually composed of a constant proportion encoder or other sensors, which can measure the motion trajectory of the motor in real-time, as well as the output power, current, and torque. Everyone may be familiar with ordinary motors in daily life, but not very familiar with servo motors. So what are the differences between servo motors and regular motors? Regarding this issue, let the servo motor manufacturer provide you with a detailed introduction!

Servo motors have high reliability, small size, high control accuracy, easy operation, and can provide stable and precise control. In addition, the servo motor also has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, which can achieve intelligent control and other functions.

The main differences between servo motors and ordinary motors are as follows:

1.The speed of servo motors has high accuracy and precise control ability, while ordinary motors lack this function;

servo motor

2.Servo motors can be adjusted in real-time according to user control requirements, while ordinary motors cannot provide similar functions;

3.Servo motors require all system components to be carefully designed to achieve optimal results, while the design requirements for ordinary motors are not high;

4.The positioning ability of servo motors is stronger than that of ordinary motors, and their operating efficiency is also higher;

5.The power loss of servo motors is lower than that of ordinary motors, making the overall energy-saving effect of servo motors better;

6.Servo motors require the installation of specialized control systems, while ordinary motors may not require such systems.

servo motor

From this, it can be seen that there are many differences between servo motors and ordinary motors. Compared to ordinary motors, servo motors have advantages such as higher accuracy, real-time adjustment, precise control of motor displacement, energy conservation, environmental protection, and intelligent control. In addition, servo motors not only perform more powerful functions, but also provide higher safety.

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