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What is a hybrid closed-loop stepper motor
 Apr 20, 2023|View:739

The hybrid closed-loop stepper motor is currently a widely used type of stepper motor, which combines the principles of permanent magnet and variable reluctance. Below is a specific introduction to what a hybrid closed-loop stepper motor is.

Hybrid closed-loop stepper motor is a type of stepper motor that combines open loop and closed-loop control. Its control method is similar to an open-loop stepper motor, where the motor's motion is controlled by output pulses. However, during each pulse cycle, the position and speed of the motor are measured and the measurement results are fed back to the control system for adjustment. This closed-loop control method can improve the positioning accuracy and stability of stepper motors, making them more suitable for applications that require high precision and control stability.

Hybrid closed-loop stepper motor

Hybrid closed-loop stepper motors are usually measured by sensors such as encoders or optical sensors to measure the position and speed of the motor. The encoder can measure the rotation angle and speed of the motor and feed back this information to the control system. The control system can control the stepper motor based on this information to achieve the required motion and positioning accuracy. Optical sensors can measure the position and speed of the motor by measuring light reflection.

Compared to traditional open-loop stepper motors, hybrid closed-loop stepper motors can provide higher positioning accuracy and better control stability, but they typically require more cost and complexity to install sensors and control systems.

Hybrid closed-loop stepper motor

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